1879 trade dollar

1879 trade dollar

1879 trade dollar (pf-65 condition) the 1879 trade dollar is considered by many numismatists to be a key date in a historically significant coin series, which is why it was chosen to belong to the rare coin values index.

1879 trade dollars were only minted as proofs so no business strike examples exist.

From 18ome 2,074,812 trade dollars came back to the united states, but only 114,935 came from china through san francisco. This figure does not include any that might have returned prior to july 1, 1878, as no examples were officially reported before then.

Usa coin book estimated value of 1879 trade silver dollar (proof only variety) is worth 1,680 in average condition, and more in higher condition.

1873-1879 dollar trade dollar (pattern) (liberty year united states of america trade dollar 420 grains 900 fine) coin and its complete list of years and varieties with prices and values.

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1879 trade dollar

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