Aero flex installation troy bilt

Aero flex installation troy bilt

  how to remove your old head from your troybuilt tb35 2 cycle weed eater and install the new aero-flex head.

  installation click below to download pdf instructions universal kit owners manual.

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Video installation instructions for the aero-flex trimming system video 15return to the video selection chart this video provides instructions for the following models and shafts mtd and troy-bilt (straight shaft) speed spool 3 head conversion.

Video installation instructions for the aero-flex trimming system video 14return to the video selection chart this video provides instructions for the following models and shafts mtd and troy-bilt (straight shaft) click and trim head conversion.

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Hardware and instructions for simple installation aerodynamic design reduces excessive noise and vibration quantity.

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Aero flex installation troy bilt

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Aero flex installation troy bilt

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