Aib gbp to euro

Aib gbp to euro

For standard rates applicable to incoming international payments click here, or for outgoing international payments click here.

Aib customer treasury services, aib and aib group are registered business names of allied irish banks, p. , new york branch, is licensed by the new york state department of financial services (nysdfs) and subject to regulation by the nysdfs and the federal reserve bank of ny.

Commission value total value this is an indicative value only for fx note transactions and is based on the current exchange rate. The actual value will be calculated at the time you visit your branch to purchase your currency.

Standard foreign exchange rates for outgoing international payments aib sell the standard foreign exchange rates listed below are applicable to outgoing international payments in a foreign currency from your euro account(s) for amounts up to our standard exchange rate threshold value (currently the currency equivalent of 70,000).

  typically, sending funds to or from your aib bank account in euros, the uk pound or us dollar overseas bank account will involve a margin rate of 5. 1 much higher than most currency broker rates (typically 0.).

Transfer speed guide rates information gbp - to eur no minimum 57 days 1. 1 more details gbpeur (broker rates) from 100 1 day 1. 818 more details eurgbp (broker rates) from 100 1 day 0. 856 more details eur - to chf no minimum 57 days fr 1.

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Aib gbp to euro

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