Alienware repaste warranty

Alienware repaste warranty

Worst case, thanks to the magnuson-moss act, youd only lose warranty coverage for any issues that could plausibly have been caused by the modification you made the manufacturer does not need to provide that your modification did cause the damage, only that it could have.

This has been said by numerous alienware employees including the alienware boss frank azor. Yes breaking something while your doing the repaste will void the warranty on whatever your broke and it wont be covered.

It definitely doesnt void warranty, alienware even has a video showing how to repaste on their channel.

Re alienware 17-r2, uk warranty policy, gpu re-paste? We will cover everything we shipped in the system. Anything a dell technical support representative ask you to inside the system will be covered.

  as the rest have said, alienware is gracious with its warranties in that any user servicing is completely warranted so long as nothing is damaged, but the m14x is such a compacted and vertical notebook (components are stacked on top of each other) unlike a larger machine that accessing any components beyond the battery, memory and hard disk is ridiculously difficult, by standards.

Only if they can find evidence of it does lm void the warranty. A whole bunch of people keep trying to claim it was impossible to remove, which is total bullshit. If you didnt have any moral qualms theres no reason you could remove it and repaste with normal paste.

Did a few tests and noticed on prime95 cpu temperatures are varying quite a lot.

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Alienware repaste warranty

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