Antminer a3 2019

Antminer a3 2019

Antminer a3 (815gh) description model antminer a3 (815gh) from bitmain mining blake2b algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 815ghs for a power consumption of 1275w.

Although the antminer a3 borrows the same form factor found in the antminer s9 iii and l3 plus series so it should look familiar to most of you just as a quick side note some people may be attempting to mislead or scam you from the top view you can see that there are three hashing boards.

The antminer a3 profitability depends on the difficulty and trading price of siacoin. The antminer a3 mines on the blake2b algorithm at an average of 815 ghs. The antminer a3 has formed some controversy and nearly encountered a hard-fork with the siacoin developers, however, is still at this moment mining siacoin with no end in the near future.

  bitmain antminer a3 specifications product model a3 hash asic type bm1720 hashing algorithm blake(2b) total quantity of hash chips 180 chips total quantity of hash boards 3 boards per miner total hash rate 815 ghs 5 dc voltage input 11.

Algorithm hashrate consumption coin network hash revenue power cost profit blake2b 815.

A3 produces lesser noise as well, if you closed the doors you would not even hear a thing. The antminer a3 definitely lives up to bitmains reputation of good quality miners. Operating it is as simple as abc, simply plug in and start mining! Sia is good bet and has huge potential.

Bitmain antminer a3 crypto currency miner please read full description t191307.

Includes (2) hp 750w psus, (2) x6b breakout boards, (10) pcie cables.

  bitmain antminer a3 siacoin miner 815ghs siaclassic, siaprime, hyperspace coins.

Multi custom 80up is a special firmware for every type of antminers! (25.).

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Antminer a3 2019

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