Astroneer frame rate xbox one

Astroneer frame rate xbox one

Anyone have any news on this? Are they going to fix this in the future? I really would love to play this game, but low fps frustrates me. I know 30 fps isnt much but it at at least looks fluid to me.

Getting a better xbox wouldnt really do much, since the key aspect of a gaming console is that its always optimized for all consoles. The s is the same as the normal one, just a bit smaller and more energy efficient (and with 4k blu ray), the x is significantly better, but just has added graphics fps etc. Depending on what the game developer added as an enhancement.

Anyone know what the eta is from the developers to fix the frame rate on the xbox? 13 comments.

In this video i go into what i believe to be a temporary solution for limiting low fps.

I have been playing the game on xb1 for less than 7hrs and unfortunately it has become almost unplayable. At the beginning it went smooth and had no issue, but the more i played, the more i noticed a slow but constant fps drop. Im at the point where if i select a tether to move it around or get inside of a vehicle, the game almost freezes and goes ultra slow mo.

Xbox one x - very slow framerate - is there a way to fix? Question support. Xbox one x - very slow framerate - is there a way to fix? Question support. Hi everyone, i played astroneer a lot a few weeks ago and completed all the achievements in the game. I drove around with a large rover (and paver) and unlocked all the gates on all the planets.

  this is a frame rate fix i found which has significantly improved the frame rate in astroneer for me.

If youre joining a world, you can quit and rejoin and your framerate will get better, but it will start to get worse again. Playing on pc, i have never had any problems, so just based on my speculation, i think devs are primarily developing this game for pc and will address xbox performance issues a bit later on.

Happy launch day! So i played a few hours last night, and really enjoy the game. Im wondering if anyone else is having frame rate issues on the xb1. I understand its in alpha, but it feels pretty well optimized (for an alpha) when i play it on pc. Im wondering if its all xb1 being rough, or if its just me.

Rastroneer the subreddit for astroneer, an interplanetary sandbox adventureexploration game developed by system era softworks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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Astroneer frame rate xbox one

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