Best black desert private server

Best black desert private server

Originsbd is classic style black desert private server with a progressive release, we have 0 p2w items such as artisans, value pack, combat books and kamasylvia blessing! You will not get pearls from afking or rng like other servers, we have a fixed exchange of 1,000,000 silver to 100 pearls, and yo.

  g2gaming is a community made black desert online private server simply for those that do not have enough time to play the retail version of the game,.

  black desert online looks cool enough, but the official is buy to play and also pay to win. So i was thinking of joining a private server, just to have some fun.

Website based trade system ( you can trade items on the website ) and an exchange system.

2 this is an midrate private server, you wont obtain things slow, nor fast. The clue is in the balance of the rates, and the pace of obtaining gear and items. 3 we are an actively develpoped server, we tend to release atleast 2-3 patches per month, to make sure the patches are decent sized and done properly.

They are not server , but channels, you as a new player get access to specific channel that have a 100 bonus to exp for 30 days. You should grind mobs as much as you can during those 30 days.

To run the client without the need to run the exe errors right from the folder bin.

Space, we are the only toplist on the net that can host forums, blogs, image galleries and more! Create an account today to get started.

  - files for the game to connect on your own server how to use? Download the game from ogrefest ogre fest - black desert online private server 2. Copy the files from gamepatch folder into the game folder (a picture is there if you dont know where is the game) 3.

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Best black desert private server

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