Best careers in commerce without maths

Best careers in commerce without maths

Bcom (bachelor of commerce) among all the career options, the topper for commerce without maths is the 3 years long undergraduate program, bachelor of commerce.

Chartered accountancy is one of the most popular career options in commerce without maths. A great thing about this career choice is that you dont need to study maths in the 12th standard to pursue it. As maths isnt imperative for ca, its an excellent option for commerce students who didnt pick maths.

When it comes to commerce students without maths, there are numerous highest salary careers to choose from. You can take up specialisations like chartered accountancy, digital marketing, business research, entrepreneurship, etc. Which dont require maths with commerce and can earn up lucrative packages.

  career options after 12th commerce without maths career options without maths sunil adhikari - youtube.

  here, ive listed down some of the best courses after 12th commerce without mathematics subject. This stream gives students access to various sectors such as management, law, accountancy, cost accounting, banking, insurance etc.

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Best careers in commerce without maths

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Best careers in commerce without maths
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