Best clash of clans attack strategy th8

Best clash of clans attack strategy th8

Golem and valkyrie attack strategy for this army, you will need 2 golems, 16 valks, 4 wall breakers, 1 wizard, 4 earthquake spells, 1 heal spell and 1 poison.

  powerful new th 13 attack strategy ! Mass witch with a twist! Clash of clans town hall 13 2021 by clash with cory saving a ton of dark elixir with these hammers! Clash of clan by clash bashing! 999 iq double skelly donut lalo from synthe was insane! Clash of clans esports by clash with eric onehive.

  this is the setup and guide that i use to three star any th8 in clan wars for clash of clans. This attack uses 10 lv3 dragons, 5 lv6 balloons in the clan castle, and either 3 rage, 2 rage 1 heal.

Best th8 war strategy valkyrie attack clash of clans by scrappy academy scrappyacademy clashofclans clashon clash champs is the premier tournament league for clash of clans war champions. It elevates clash wars to a whole new level by creating tournaments utilizing the clash of clans war results.

  gowipe is one of the best attacking strategies for clan wars in clash of clans at town hall 8. If you are a th8, you should definitely consider using a gowipe army in war.

  also one of the oldest attacking strategies in clash of clans that still has a.

10 dragons, loons in the cc, 2 lightning spells, 1 earthquake (i know you dont have it yet but you should get it soon), and 1 rage spell. Youre probably tired of dragons from th7, but its in the top 2 strongest attacks at th8.

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Best clash of clans attack strategy th8

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