Best western harbour pointe lakefront st ignace

Best western harbour pointe lakefront st ignace

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The best western harbour pointe lakefront is affordable, 100 smoke-free and your top choice for hotels in st. Explore our lakefront property & local area our beautiful, lush and private landscape of eleven acres lies on the shores of lake huron, just waiting for you to explore.

Located near mackinac island book your stay at the best western harbour pointe lakefront hotel in st ignace, mi.

Ignace best western harbor pointe lakefront you will find a fitness center and a long private shoreline. Other facilities include a childrens playground and a tour desk with discounted mackinac island vacation packages.

Welcome to best western harbour pointe lakefront!guests searching for a true getaway have found it at our st. Ignace accommodations, where two heated pools and the best in hospitality are waiting. Ignace hotels are known for being the ultimate family getaway, but we raise the bar with a free hot breakfast featuring all of your favorite morning treats.

Great online rates  excellent guest reviews  up to 25 off  online & phone bookings.

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Best western harbour pointe lakefront st ignace

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Best western harbour pointe lakefront st ignace
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