Brawl wii u gamecube controller

Brawl wii u gamecube controller

  how to play brawl on a wii u and use a gamecube controller. Thread starter luigisama start date mar 30, 2018 luigisama smash champion.

For wii u on the wii u, a gamefaqs message board topic titled can i play smash bros brawl on my wiiu with a gamecube controller.

Brawl is buffered enough that it might not be noticed though. This is because of the way project ms debug codes get controller input its not feasible to support the full functionality of pms debug tools.

Melee for the nintendo gamecube system, and some will always prefer that systems controller. The nintendo gamecube controller also could be used in super smash bros.

The gamecube controller adapter for wii u is compatible with wii u and super smash bros. For wii u specifically - it is not compatible with any other wii u software, nintendo said in a statement issued to gamespot.

So i recently got this mayflash adapter for my pc, which basically lets you connect a gamecube controller to your pc. So i went into the configuration tab in dolphin to set up the buttons and everything goes well, all buttons respond in the dolphin ui.

  what you search for is a gamecube to wiimote adapter this one lets you use your gamecube controller as wii classic controller, wii classic controller pro and even as wii u pro controller. Abit expensive and therere also some that get attached to the wiimote without any further wire similar to the wii motion plus attachment, but they normaly have less features.

One of the hidden talents of the original wii console was support for gamecube controllers, but sadly this functionality was removed from the wii u along with the ability to play gamecube discs.

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Brawl wii u gamecube controller

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