Browning trail camera firmware update

Browning trail camera firmware update

How can i find the software version on my trail camera? Is there a software upgrade available for my trail camera? Patriot model btc-patriot-fhd.

Some users have reported that their camera will make a popping or clicking sound at the beginning of each video. With the camera powered on, press the mode button to enter menu.

You may have to download a program called 7zip to open the file. Once you have the rar folder opened in the 7zip software extract the.

The model of your trail camera is located on either the inside of the door, the back of the trail camera or on the instruction manual. Currently only models btc-5hd, btc-6hd and btc-6hd-co have software upgrades available. A link is provided below for more information concerning software upgrades.

  to update a trail cameras firmware, simply download the firmware from the manufacturers website onto an sd card. Using that sd card, transfer the firmware to your camera using the software upgrade setting, in the cameras menu.

With the camera power on, press the mode button to enter the setup menu. Press the e button again and the cameras software version will appear.

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Browning trail camera firmware update

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Browning trail camera firmware update

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