Bullion rates lahore

Bullion rates lahore

106,849 per tola as on ccording to karachi jewelers association.

Todays gold rates in pakistan, 22k, 24k, 21k and 18 karat gold prices in karachi, lahore, rawalpindi, peshawar, quetta, faisalabad, multan, gujranwala, sialkot and islamabad.

Lahore, (urdupoint pakistan point news - 24th jun, 2019 ) -following bullion rates. Were received from markets here on monday bullion (per 10 gram) gold tezabi-24 ct---- 67986.

Karachi is the main hub of gold market, in pakistan, karachi is leading for gold rate, every city follow karachi sarafa bazar association for gold price, today gold prices for different cities including karachi, lahore, islamabad, peshawar, and quetta are also available on gold. Pk is not liable or responsible to any transactions made on the basis of above mentioned gold rate.

Moreover, every city sarafa market decides the current gold price. Live gold price in lahore is weighed in tola or 10 grams normally and sold as 24k and 22k.

Bullion rates in lahore 3 years ago lahore, (pakistan point news - app - 07th sep, 2017 ) following are the bullion rates received from markets here on thursday.

Lahore following bullion rates were received from markets here on friday bullion (per 10 gram).

Lahore following bullion rates were received from markets here on tuesday 2016dullion (per 10 gram)dadagold tezabi-24 ct-----42438.

Gold and other precious metal price quotes and information in over 100 currencies.

Prices for all items are for 100kg except price for tea, which is for 1kg and ghee, which is for 16kg.

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Bullion rates lahore

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