Casement ac unit

Casement ac unit

The function of casement window ac (and any other ac) is to deliver a cooling effect. The cooling effect is measured in british thermal units or btu. Standard double-hand window acs produce anywhere from 6,000 btu to 15,000 btu or even more. Slider window air conditioners have a narrower cooling capacity.

  beat the heat while remaining cool and happy on hot summer days. 57 w cooling power, enjoy a blast of cool air throughout your room.

Com, powered by genie air conditioning and heating, is one of the largest wholesale distributors of casement ac unit in the united states. With over 300,000 units in stock, we carry many heat pumps, ductless room air conditioners, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, ductless mini splits, ptac and heating and cooling accessories for domestic or commercial use.

A casement window air conditioner can be 20 inches or more in height and comes with pre-cut inserts to securely hold the ac in the window frame. They stay in place and are a great alternative for homes that lack a central air conditioning system.

Casement window air conditioners are an effective solution for cooling your home air, designed to fit perfectly in a narrow casement window. The best casement air conditioners are powerful, energy efficient, versatile, and durable - and the products weve included in this article were chosen precisely because they possess these properties.

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Casement ac unit

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