Centra prepaid card

Centra prepaid card

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Prepaid gift cards from centra are the perfect solution for every gift-giving occasion birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, holiday, you name it.

A reloadable prepaid card is convenient and easy to use because it works like a debit card without the requirement of linking to a checking account.

For every 1 you spend on purchases using your centra credit card you earn 1 reward point. With cu rewards, you can redeem your points at any time for gift cards, merchandise (brand-name electronics, jewelry, household items and more) or travel (flights, hotels, cruises, vacation packages).

Centra are pleased to offer a charity gift card that offers registered charities a 5 discount. The charity gift card is also a useful money management tool for people with intellectual or learning difficulties and can be used in any centra store. Excluded from purchase with this card alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, lottery and money cards.

Outlook prepaid mastercard if you are working on your financial future, our outlook prepaid debit mastercard is the easy way to control and manage your spending. Our prepaid card is a great option for parents, college or high school age students, international travelers, online shoppers, and more.

Central access mastercard prepaid payroll card you may contact us by calling customer service at or by writing to the following address central access card po box 124 dell rapids, sd 57022.

Automatic generation of monthly statement and sent to email-ids of the prepaid card holder if available periodic sms alerts of amount loaded, transactions made and remaining balance.

Our student card is a reloadable prepaid debit card that offers parents and students a better alternative. Easy to use - allows parents the ease of providing funds to their student while away and allows students to make purchases while avoiding the risk of carrying cash. Reloadable from anywhere - reload your student card by phone or online.

Al 21 keer de beste mobiele provider volgens consumentenbond.

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Centra prepaid card

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Centra prepaid card

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