China everbright securities hk ltd

China everbright securities hk ltd

Everbright is the second-largest shareholder of everbright securities (stock code 601788. Hk) and a strategic shareholder of china everbright bank (stock code 601818. It is also the largest shareholder of everbright jiabao co ltd.).

Established in 1996, everbright securities was one of the first three pilot companies approved by the china securities regulatory commission, and the core financial service platform of fortune global 500 company china everbright group limited (china everbright group). Ebsi is a hong kong-based company with its major clientele in mainland.

China everbright securities (hk) limited (ces) is a registered dealer of the stock exchange of hong kong, ces is a joint-venture company of everbright securities co ltd (a listed company in shanghai stock exchange, stock code 601788, ebs) and china everbright limited (a listed company in hong kong stock exchange, code 0165, china eb ltd).

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Everbright securities company limited is a china-based company principally engaged in the securities broking businesses.

  hong kongs securities and futures commission (sfc) today announces that it has reprimanded china everbright securities (hk) limited (ceshk) and fined it 2. 5 million for pledging its clients securities with banks for financial accommodation without valid authorization.

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China everbright securities hk ltd

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