Ciri good ending

Ciri good ending

  if you have followed all of our advice to this point, you have secured an ending we consider the best possible outcome, which is ciri living and choosing to.

  ciris endings in the witcher 3 is decided by a series of choices that you make during three specific quests. If you make more positive choices than negative, shell end up with a more favorable fate.

After caring for ciri for so long, its natural to want to protect her and be there for her. But the time has come for her to know that you believe in her judgment without geralt there.

  when ciri loses her temper during the child of the elder blood choose go for it. Ciri will ask to visit skjalls grave at the end of the child of the elder blood. Make sure you make these choices and youll get the best the witcher 3 ending.

  good ending 1 ciri lives (witcher) in the first good ending, ciri survives the white frost, and this is when geralt has to make a tough decision. As a player, you can either choose to keep ciris whereabouts a secret or let her know that she can be empress of the empire.

The empress ending, as i see it, is ciri realizing what geralt spends the game having to grapple with.

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Ciri good ending

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