Cme ilink 3

Cme ilink 3

Cme migration to ilink 3 what you need to know cme is transitioning its order entry gateways from fix protocol to sbe binary protocol in 2020. This migration means that trading applications or their trading technology providers will need to interface to the new order entry protocol as the old one is being decommissioned.

Updated cme brokertec migration to cme ilink 3 binary order entry protocol for market segment gateway january 31. Brokertec products will migrate to cme in production on january 31 and will only be available on ilink 3 msgw. Customers will need to obtain a dedicated ilink session id to be used for only the brokertec market segment.

The onixs directconnect cme ilink 3 binary order entry handler sdk supports order routing to the cme globex platform cme exchanges, and other partner markets, over ilink 3 market segment gateway (msgw) sessions. The onixs sdk uses authentication credentials to establish and manage the bi-directional message stream between client systems and cme globex.

Cme ilink 2 and cme ilink 3 - and onixs this change is the introduction of the new cme ilink 3 order entry api based on modern fix protocol standards of simple binary encoding and fixp. It is a non-backward compatible technical change to the order entry api with the key benefit being that it is optimized for lower latency order entry.

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Cme ilink 3

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