Coin master upcoming events

Coin master upcoming events

Spin, attack, raid and build on your way to a viking empire! Download and play now ---.

Coin master events for 2020 are tournament milestonetournament gift master special events attack madness raid madness village master bet blast cards boom cards for chests gold card trade balloon frenzy viking quest set blast.

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Bet blast is popular event of coin master game, day by day coin master became more popular for their daily new event & free spins & coins link. This is the only event, where you can make your coin stock higher by participating this event. Most of the pro players make a big stock of coins by participating this.

A booster is a reward where unlike collecting coins and spins, you are granted an event such as village master, bet blast, set blast, and more! A booster can be granted from an event mission or when purchasing a package. Keep in mind that these events will only be live for a limited time.

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Sixties chest (available from village 10) contains a total of 6 cards (a chance of a joker card), pet xp, spins, and coins. The probability for receiving at least one of the cards from each rarity level is as follows 1 star card 0.

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Coin master upcoming events

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