Cpanel to directadmin conversion tool

Cpanel to directadmin conversion tool

  this tool works by converting cpanel user backups to directadmin user backups. This tool is designed to read all data directly from the cpanel user backup files therefore, this tool can be executed on either the cpanel or directadmin server. This tool will covert cpanel backups created by both - the scriptspkgacct script, and - cpanels.

Before proceed, first we will need to download conversion tool and you can download it from here steps to follow 1) download and extract the version url (from above) that you wish to use. (wget and tar xzf)2) create import and export directories for the tool to use. (mkdir import export)3) copy your cpanel user backups into the import directory.

This article contains information about migration from cpanel to the latest available directadmin version. There is currently no conversion tool which will help you migrate your plesk accounts to directadmin directly. However, there is a workaround where you can first convert to cpanel and then use this article to convert to directadmin.

Introduction this article contains information about migration from cpanel to the latest available directadmin version. There is currently no conversion tool which will help you migrate your plesk accounts to directadmin directly. However, there is a workaround where you can first convert to cpanel and then use this article to convert to directadmin.

  i currently have to use the tool to get the account and dbs over and then unzip the cpanel backup and find the publichtml folder and manually move it to the new publichtml directory. For 300 accounts, that would be a pain, though it is better than a total manual migration.

  i know theres a tool that convert a cpmove file to the directadmin format that can be imported on a directadmin panel is there a reverse tool? I know cpanel supports import from directadmin servers, but what i really need is to convert the directadmin backup file to cpmove format (the company which im being forced to use only allows imports from cpmove files, and i have.).

Make sure you have included the directadmin license in your order. Make sure you have the same amount of ipv4 addresses on the destination server as the source server.

  ill do the conversion or as i remember from m installations first page of win98 sit back and relax while windows is installing (let the horror begin). It makes da more marketable to prospective cpanel owners (i myself converted from cpanel to da after many years (3 years is plenty)).

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Cpanel to directadmin conversion tool

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Cpanel to directadmin conversion tool
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