Darvas box system

Darvas box system

What is a darvas box? The darvas box is a trend following system. A trend following system is one that does not try to anticipate a market move. Another way of saying this is the system is reactive versus predictive.

The darvas box theory is a unique approach to trading the markets. It is one of the most widely used trading strategy in the stock markets today and includes both day traders as well as swing traders. The name, darvas box comes from the fact that it was developed by a trader and an investor, nicolas darvas.

  the darvas trading system can be found in greater details in the book how i made 2,000,000 in the stock market which was written by darvas himself. Although his system was designed just to trade stocks and to only go long, his trading principles can be applied to other asset classes like currencies as well.

The darvas setup for trading stocks fails miserably on the daily scale but works best using exchange traded funds on the weekly scale. 5 with an average of the maximum drawdown for each trade being 13.

Simple, practical and logical is the best way to describe the darvas box theory. Darvas story and his trading technique were described in his first book1. His method, like all good systems is simple and founded in logic.

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Darvas box system

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Darvas box system
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