Disadvantages of shark finning

Disadvantages of shark finning

Shark finning has been around since the sung dynasty which first started around 968 a. Chinese empires used shark fin soup to display their wealth, power, and to gain respect. The shark fins themselves have no taste because they are purely cartilage, as a result the fins are sometimes substituted it with pork or chicken.

A recent study by the monterey bay aquarium found that more than 75 of people surveyed support a shark finning ban. On the other side of the world, chinas most powerful television station, cctv, has donated 70 million in time to air informative commercials about finning.

The pros of shark finning-people that engage in shark finning are likely receive a high profits from selling the fins. For instance, if a particular shark species is overpopulating, shark finning can help reduce the amount of sharks produced the dead shark body that is released back into the ocean is also, food for the fish around it.

Sharks are not finned based on their size any shark is targeted. Shark finning violates the united nations food and agriculture organizations code of conduct for responsible fisheries.

If all countries banned shark finning the sharks could recuperate and the populations would most likely rise to normality. In addition to new bans being established, people continue to raise awareness for shark finning by boycotting restaurants that sell shark fin soup.

  shark-finning gives both advantages and disadvantages economically, politically, cultural, societal, and environmental. It is important to recognize theshow more content within 1996-2000, shark fin imports increased by 6. To get the shark fins, men would catch sharks, cut off their fins, and then throw them back into the water.

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Disadvantages of shark finning

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Disadvantages of shark finning

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