Does apex legends have aim assist on pc

Does apex legends have aim assist on pc

Currently, there is no way that you can aim assist off in apex legends. If youre using a controller than aim assist will be turned on, and you wont have the ability to turn it off.

However, those who play the battle royale title on pc will be happy or unhappy, depending on whether you rely on it to know that aim assist isnt a.

It seems that the apex legends aim assist is set differently on pc than it is on consoles. This is likely because controller players on pc are up against keyboard and mouse, so it is possible that the aim assists is much better and more helpful on pc to make up for this issue.

  recently discovered apex legends coding suggests that the aim assist mechanic may be a lot more powerful for controllers connected to a console vs a pc.

Does apex legends have aim assist? Its a tricky question to answer considering the.

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  aim assist always being on might be ruining your aim if you are a console apex legends player! Turning this setting off will make your aim terrible for abou.

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Does apex legends have aim assist on pc

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