Does wells fargo give coin wrappers

Does wells fargo give coin wrappers

Banks do not charge a fee to their customers when they deposit coins, but many require that the coins be rolled in wrappers. Some banks like wells fargo will exchange rolled coins for noncustomers.

We understand that a small group of customers use and enjoy the coin counters, hobot added, saying that branches are providing coin wrappers as an option so customers can roll their change.

  you can bring your coins without having to have them sorted or wrapped. They simply have to be free of dirt, debris, and other obstructions that could block the machine from accepting the coins.

  joegreps wrote what if you got like a 10 pound pail of pennies, seriously not rolling that. If you assume it takes you 30 seconds to count out 50 and roll them, then it would take you about 15 minutes.

  you can also purchase them relatively cheaply in the office supply section of a store. For about 9 fee, you can also go to a coinstar machine, located in many grocery stores, and dump your coins in the machine. It will sort and count your coins for you and keep the money, while printing you a receipt which you take to the cashier.

The fact that wells fargo recently removed all coin counters was bad, but the latest news is alarming.

  if youve found a local bank or credit union that will take your rolled coins, ask them for coin wrappers. Most banks will give free coin wrappers to just anyone, whether theyre a member or not. If you cant find a bank that gives coin wrappers out for free by some weird twist of fate, you can always hit up a dollar tree or dollar store for them.

I used to roll coins, and my bank (wells fargo) gives me the rolls for free. If you opt for the amazon code, the service is free and you avoid the 7. When i get home, i enter the code and it gets added to my gift card balance. Saves me tons of time and the hassle of actually counting the coins.

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Does wells fargo give coin wrappers

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