Drinks biscuits dragons den

Drinks biscuits dragons den

The drinks bakery creates delicious savoury drinks biscuits that are expertly flavour profiled using premium ingredients, to match great drinks like champagne, craft beer, whisky and of course gin. The ingredient profiles of drinks biscuits react with matched drinks and balances the consumer.

The drinks bakery creates delicious savoury snacks that are flavour-profiled to complement great drinks for the more discerning drinkers. We passionately believe that your palate deserves far better than a thoughtless crisp, nut or wasabi pea that are so common in our bars and homes today.

Bosses at snack company the drinks bakery which secured backing on bbc hit show dragons den have also secured a deal with sainsburys. Founder andy murray secured financial support from dragons deborah meaden and peter jones after presenting his range of savoury biscuits, drinks discuits - the first snack produced with the drink in mind.

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Drinks biscuits dragons den

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