Eso armlet of torug

Eso armlet of torug

According to legend, the armlet is a magical bracelet encrusted with gems. With its power, torug was able to tame the savage wilderness of wrothgar and establish the first city of orsinium. Ancient text fragments describe the armlet, torugs shrine, and something called sorrows kiss.

  the elder scrolls online tamriel unlimitedhttpsstore.

The armlet of torug? According to a scroll fragment i studied, the armlet of torug is a magical bracelet encrusted with gems. With its power, torug was able to tame the savage wilderness. It allowed the ancient orcs to establish the first city of orsinium.

This item can be found by completing the sorrows kiss quest, found in the very north of wrothgar, you will be sent to this area if you do the intro quest for the curator at the museum.

  and yes the armlet of torug is indeed not needed for the achievement, just like the two other quests that bring stuff to the museum are not required, but i included it at the time because i thought it might be necessary for the hero of wrothgar, which turned out to be false.

  i also made a video guide that shows you how to get all 20 relics along with another museum item called armlet of torug (note that the armlet is not needed for the achievement) if you use any of this information to make a map of your own or something similar, please make sure to credit padhraigh , mlstevens42eso and saturn.

You really think the armlet of torug is at the summit? Of course! Its written in stone. The ancients never lied when they were chiseling words into stone, you know. The new museum will be the wonder of tamriel with such a relic as the armlet of torug in its collection! Isnt the summit dangerous? Hyperbole to keep undesirables from venturing up.

It is one of the crafted sets, part of one tamriel, and has 4 bonuses.

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Eso armlet of torug

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