Exodus 2 factor authentication

Exodus 2 factor authentication

  at exodus, we strive to provide a simple, secure method for storing and exchanging your crypto assets. Out of all the exciting feature requests, one of the most highly requested one is the addition of 2-factor authentication or 2fa. This is a well-known and popular security feature used by websites and web-based apps.

However, exodus has come under criticism for not providing two-factor authentication, which numerous other wallets have. This is an important aspect thats missing and should be noted when deciding whether this is the wallet for you.

This is the sub dedicated to the discussion of the exodus cryptocurrency wallet. Com - warning exodus will never ask for your 12-word recovery phrase, password or ask you to go to an external link except our official website at httpswww.

Traditional 2fa is tricky to implement in a non-custodial wallet like exodus. We are however looking at all options to add extra security in the future. You can read more about 2fa and the issues it presents here httpssupport.

2fa - which is a great idea but difficult to implement in practice with a self-custody wallet like exodus. This article explains some of those issues with implementing traditional 2fa measures httpssupport.

The system is pretty nice to beginners, you can easily earn this crypto with an edge node.

  if this 2fa method is your smartphone, access to your exodus wallet is reliant entirely on your possession- and the function- of that phone.

14, a new wallet locking feature has been introduced to strengthen the security of your wallet. If you are on a previous version of exodus, upgrade to the latest version for access to this feature. The in-wallet lock feature is not a 2-factor authentication alternative.

  exodus also fails to offer its users two-factor authentication. The reasons for this are unclear but its a feature that most users will expect to see in the future. Exodus relies heavily on the users email address for its main safety feature which is a one-click account recovery.

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Exodus 2 factor authentication

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Exodus 2 factor authentication
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