Female inverted triangle body shape clothes

Female inverted triangle body shape clothes

  pleated skirts are also a good choice for the inverted triangle shape. Midi-length skirts are the most ideal for this shape for a fuller bottom that will even out your broad shoulders.

Nov 4, 2016 - here are some outfit ideas for the inverted triangle body type. You are an inverted triangle, if you have wide angular shoulders and narrow hips.

For this, the people with this shape should follow some strict criteria in choosing clothes. The general idea is to choose clothes that will minimize the wider upper body and accentuate the lower body.

I will even pick out skirt, jeans, shorts and tops for inverted triangle body shape and casual occasion general outfits for inverted triangle body shape. I am also going to include some very nice winter clothes for inverted triangle body shape to keep you worm while looking stunning in the winter season.

General tips are great to have in your back pocket when shopping, but seeing them in action makes them easier to visualize. Check out three outfits weve built from the items suggested above that look great on an inverted-triangle figure.

Tops are the most important part of your outfit to get right. Your body shape requires that there is ample room in a top in the upper body. A stretchy material as well as a raglan sleeve will allow for this. A v-neck, low round, cross over, cowl, square neck in a stretchy material are all styles that.

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Female inverted triangle body shape clothes

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Female inverted triangle body shape clothes
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