Ffxiv new race viera

Ffxiv new race viera

  viera and hrothgar are the new races that players can change to in ffxiv shadowbringers.

  today square enix updated the official website of final fantasy xivs expansion shadowbringers, including new images and info for the upcoming new races.

Usually it hints at a new job, but this time, it appears to be hinting at viera being added as a new race. Shadowbringers was confirmed as the next expansion for ffxiv along with a myriad of new.

When a new rabbit-eared race called viera was revealed for final fantasy xivs upcoming shadowbringers expansion during last months paris fanfest, only female versions were shown, but.

Viera originated in ff tactics advanced and are a female only race, they have no males, not till ff12 anyways when enix decided to change their lore. In 12s lore, male viera are reclusive hunters and live far away from the females, they only show up to mate and to take any male babies that were born.

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Ffxiv new race viera

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Ffxiv new race viera

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