Forex sessions in south africa time

Forex sessions in south africa time

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Hours for trading forex means the time when you can place an openclose position, exchange currency and speculate on price changes of pairs. Basically, the trading hours are based on the time in which investors, banks and companies would be open.

So, in south africa, the forex market opens and closes at either 2300 (roughly between march and november) or 0000 (roughly between october and march), depending on the time of the year.

The south african traders should trade eurusd, gbpusd and usdchf from 8 a. (est) as during this period the forex trading sessions of london and new york are active. The instances mentioned in the previous two sentences regarding when is the best time to trade which currency pair shows that choosing a currency pair to trade is also dependent on the forex trading session.

The best forex market hours in south africa are from 200 pm to 700 pm south african standard time. At that time you can enjoy the highest liquidity, strongest price moves, and fairest execution.

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We do the paperwork, cheaper than the banks, 100 safe and secure, get a quote! Expert currency transfer guidance.

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Forex sessions in south africa time

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Forex sessions in south africa time
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