Get rid of upside down car loan

Get rid of upside down car loan

Take out another loan yes, you read that right, you can refinance a car loan that is upside down. Taking out another loan may help you get out of an upside down car loan.

First things first you need to look on kelley blue book for the current value of the car so you know exactly how upside down you are on the car.

  one of the simplest ways to get out of an upside-down car loan is to make extra repayments. This reduces your balance until youre back above water and get you out of debt faster.

  getting out of an upside-down car loan means making some difficult decisions. Depending on your financial resources and time frame, you may want to refinance your loan or pay off your negative equity in a lump sum.

  by far, the best way to get out of an upside-down car loan is to continue making timely monthly payments until you work your way into positive equity territory.

If you are hopelessly upside down on a vehicle and need relief from that distressing debt, selling the car and taking out a second loan to cover the negative equity is an option. In short, if you owe 15,000 and your car is worth 10,000, you are 5,000 upside down or have 5,000 in negative equity.

How to get out of an upside down car loan the only real way to fix the problem of being upside down is by paying down the excess debt. Youll have to go through a few steps and make some sacrifices to manage the loan or raise the cash, but the process is worth your time.

Once there is negative equity (meaning you loan is more than the value of your car) on a vehicle, it doesnt go away. For the most part, you will have to tough it out until you can pay the car down enough to get rid of the negative equity.

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Get rid of upside down car loan

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Get rid of upside down car loan
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