Gta 5 freighter or offshore

Gta 5 freighter or offshore

Gta 5 freighter or offshore the merryweather heist is a mission in grand theft auto 5 offline. The first heist that trever joins right after he is introduced in the storyline.

Having played both id say the freighter route ends with a much more exciting mission with far less tedious sub driving.

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  the freighter approach involves some sniping and putting bombs all over the freighter. A little later you have to drive a submarine to pick up an item. The offshore approach involves flying a submarine to the ocean with a helicopter and picking up an item with the submarine. You will also have to defend the helicopter from some enemies.

Cargobob (off-shore mission) the merryweather heist (freighter) the merryweather heist (off-shore) blitz play (intro) boiler suits masks tow truck trash truck getaway vehicle (blitzplay.).

Cargobob (off-shore mission) the merryweather heist (freighter) the merryweather heist (off-shore) blitz play (intro) boiler suits masks tow truck trash truck getaway vehicle (blitzplay.).

There are two approaches that you could choose to execute this heist freighter and offshore. The latter only requires you to steal the sub while the latter requires you to get a cargobob as well. The submersible you need to steal is hanging off the freighter located in the port of los santos.

There are two valuable unknown devices and two approaches freighter or offshore. Attacking the freighter will mean blowing up the ship and recover the device under water. Someone will plant charges and someone else will provide covering fire.

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Gta 5 freighter or offshore

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