Gta 5 trevor heist best approach

Gta 5 trevor heist best approach

  luis on july 17, 2014 the best to earn the most amount of cash is to chose obvious and have taliana as the first driver and karim for the second driver and daryl john for gunman 1 and norm richards for gunman 2.

In this approach, your job is to steal the securicars, drive them back to the union depository while disguising as the people who transport the gold. After trevor has stolen all the gold in the vault, a chase mission would begin, with the merryweather security team chasing the cars with the gold.

Gta 5 the merryweather heist is one of the best missions in the game offshore. 5 minutes just skip all cutscenes to complete the heist faster. Salvager - find the container within 2 minutes try to stay near the surface until almost level with the device, due to rocks on the ocean floor.

  choosing the best approach the merryweather heist gta v guide xbox 360 ps3 pc. Whichever approach you choose the outcome of the mission will be the same. The freighter approach involves some sniping and putting bombs all over the freighter. A little later you have to drive a submarine to pick up an item.

The merryweather heist offshore approach - having the choice between assaulting and blowing up a huge freighter and having to waste time sifting through wreckage with the risk of burying or damaging the cargo as opposed to stealing it from a relatively unguarded test site offshore seems like a no brainer, even for trevor.

Choosing the obvious approach over the subtle approach is better, since youll be using 4 crew members instead of 5. The best choices are driver 1 - taliana martinez (5) driver 2 - karim denz (8) gunman 1 - daryl johns (6) gunman 2 - norman richards (7) or hugh welsh (7) in this heist, whoever are the gunmen, wont affect the heist.

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Gta 5 trevor heist best approach

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