H1z1 kotk best settings

H1z1 kotk best settings

This guide will help you to find the best settings depending on your hardware also gameplay tips, this will focus on affecting your fps and making your game experience better! Award.

Very inportant after you have copied all the settings, save useroptions. Ini and take properties, then take read-only and save in the bottom right corner.

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  in this video, i show you how to change your personal mouse settings, and also change your in game mouse settings to have perfect sensitivity in h1z1 king of.

The best settings to use in h1z1 kotk are right here, just make sure to watch and follow all of my user options settings in h1z1 kotk. H1z1 user options could be changed depending on your personal preference. These user options settings for h1z1 kotk are what i like to use so make sure to switch some things around if they are not right for you.

Im making this post to clarify some things about the state of the h1z1 just survive server project h1emu previously called h1z1newhope.

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H1z1 kotk best settings

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