How large is renaissance technologies

How large is renaissance technologies

Renaissance technologies is based out of new york and is run by james simons. Renaissance technologies is a hedge fund with 18 clients and discretionary assets under management (aum) of 165,968,863,264 (form adv from ). Their last reported 13f filing for q4 2020 included 92,091,581,000 in managed 13f securities and a top 10 holdings.

  the information technologies sector is the second largest sector in the firms portfolio.

Its surprising that renaissance technologies has a website and releases its return information at all, because most of these funds do not. Renaissance technologies is just one of hundred of there firms, although it is one of the larger and older ones.

  renaissance technologies llc info size ( in 1000s) at 12312020 92,091,581 at.

Jim simonss renaissance technologies, the worlds largest hedge fund firm, is deciphering the secrets of global financial markets with its 43.

Renaissance technologies llc info size ( in 1000s) at 12312020 92,091,581 at 09302020 100,150,081 renaissance technologies llc holdings changes, total fund size, and other information presented on holdingschannel. Com was derived from renaissance technologies llc 13f filings.

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How large is renaissance technologies

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How large is renaissance technologies

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