How much is sprint flex lease

How much is sprint flex lease

Purchase your phone by paying the remaining lease payments and purchase option price. File a claim for a 29 service fee if you are a sprint complete customer with a cracked screen. Visit one of our stores for a damage assessment and learn about potential fees.

  for example, if youre eyeing a samsung galaxy s10 with 128gb of memory, the sprint flex lease will cost you 33mo.

Terms for all other customers will vary including amount due at signing & taxesfees.

  after 12 months of payments, youll be able to upgrade your leased device to a newer model (but again, youll need to hand back your phone to do so). Customers on older 24-month agreements can add an early upgrade option to their plan for 5 per month.

If you choose this option you will have to return the phone back to sprint, and you will not own the device at any point. The phone needs to be in good shapesprint could charge you fees if it isnt. Depending on your lease, sprint can charge you either 30 or 36 for each upgrade.

Option 2 sprint forever allows you to upgrade to the latest model any time after 12 payments. Option 3 5month add-on give you the option to upgrade any time after 12 monthly payments.

(720 lease 18 mo 40mo 280 40mo 6419 - 1420 125.).

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How much is sprint flex lease

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