How to build a large house in skyrim

How to build a large house in skyrim

  when building and furnishing your house, you will have to keep a large stock of iron.

You are now ready to build your main hall! It consists of a large main floor, about six times the area of the small house layout, fit for a grand dining room and a moderate food prep area in the back.

  part of the quest has you access the house, after of which you can speak to jorlief in the palace of kings, who will sell it to you.

  three for the main hall, and one for the starting small house or entryway, one in the cellar, and one in each added wing.

Your small house and main hall will be the same, but each of the three wings have three possibilities so your final house will be one of 27 (if my math is right) possible looks.

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How to build a large house in skyrim

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How to build a large house in skyrim
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