How to use stochastic momentum index

How to use stochastic momentum index

  the stochastic momentum index (smi) was introduced by william blau in 1993 as a way to clarify the traditional stochastic oscillator.

The stochastic momentum index indicators formula is a very simple one.

  calculating the stochastic momentum index first select a period n then, determine the center (c) of the range during this period by adding the highest high and lowest low within the period and dividing the sum by 2 c (hmax lmin)2 now subtract this c from the current close (cc) to get d, the distance.

Stochastic momentum index is a technical indicator which is used for intraday trading. The stochastic momentum index has more accuracy when compared to the other technical indicators.

Stochastic momentum index (stoch) the stochastic momentum index (stoch) normalizes price as a percentage between 0 and 100. Normally two lines are plotted, the k line and a moving average of the k which is called d. A slow stochastic can be created by initially smoothing the k line with a moving average before it is displayed.

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How to use stochastic momentum index

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