Hylian shield guide

Hylian shield guide

  the hylian shield in breath of the wild nintendo via polygon this story is part of a group of stories called the legend of zelda breath of the wild is an.

  how to get the hylian shield in the legend of zelda skyward sword being the legendary and highly valuable item that it is, the hylian shield is not something that can be purchased this time around but earned. Yet, in order to earn it, players will need to go the extra mile.

You will find this shield in the depths of the hyrule castle dungeon. The castle itself is a maze of passages and enemies , and this particular area is easily overlooked.

The hylian shield is a shield in the legend of zelda breath of the wild. A shield passed down through the hyrulean royal family, along with the legend of the hero who wielded it.

The hylian shield is obtained by fighting through boss rush mode. After saving the thunder dragon in lanayru gorge, speak to him again, and hell let you relive.

  this is the best method for the location and a full guide on how. In this video, i showcase the best way to get the hylian shield in zelda breath of the wild.

The hylian shield is obtained by fighting through boss rush mode.

For this you will need some arrows in order to fight a mini boss.

  why wouldnt you want this shield? Also why wouldnt you want to subscribe.

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Hylian shield guide

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