Investing in townsville

Investing in townsville

Investing in townsville - search through the best property on mitula.

Invest townsville is securing investment that will play a strategic role in the economic growth of the city, ensuring projections of long-term prosperity are realised.

There are many reasons why townsville will make prime location for your next investment. Townsville has a diverse economy in significant industries tourism, retail, health, education & government, as well as mining & agriculture industries. The townsville port and queensland rail form a transport hub for many of these industries.

With the state government announcement to make townsville, queenslands second capital city and with major property projects to include cbd rejuvenation, 1.

Its never one metric its the sum of all metrics which makes a well-informed investment decision. The formulae which we follow lead to propertyology discovering the future potential of hobarts property market for our buyers agents to help everyday aussies invest there between 20ead of a boom which today is bigger than sydney ever experienced.

The median listing price for houses is 359,000 and this has changed 2. The median rent in for houses is 370 per week and the median rental.

Invest in townsville northern queensland long regarded as the capital of north queensland, townsvilles sustained growth has confirmed its standing as the most dynamic city in northern australia. With a population of approximately 190,000, the city and its services are predicted to expand to become home to an additional 100,000 residents over the next two decades.

Townsville bulletin real estate this unit on yates street in nelly bay, sold in october last year for the suburbs median sale price of 175,000. Corelogic has revealed the townsville suburbs with the highest rental yields and its worth taking a look if youre on the market for an investment property.

The townsville north queensland defence strategy is our citys plan to strengthen this role over the decades to come.

Reduce your power energy bill by up to 70 or more! Safeguard your property against future rising power prices.

For townsville, the median house price is forecast to rise to 345,000 by june 2021, which amounts to growth of 7. 6, to bring the median house price to 435,000 by june 2021.

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Investing in townsville - search through the best property on mitula.

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Investing in townsville

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