Kfc canada bitcoin bucket

Kfc canada bitcoin bucket

For a short time on friday morning, canadians were able to buy their fried chicken with cryptocurrency. Kfc canadas bitcoin bucket sold out an hour after it was made available, the company said.

Fried chicken chain kfc canada is accepting bitcoin for a limited time for a so-called bitcoin bucket.

Kfc canada launches bitcoin bucket kfc canada began the publicity stunt on thursday, advertising the bitcoin bucket on social media and livestreaming its price in bitcoin , which constantly fluctuates based on the exchange rate of 20 cad, the products fiat price.

Kfc canada just introduced their bitcoin-themed chicken bucket. As the name suggests, when customers pay in bitcoin, kfc canada will give them a chicken bucket with a bitcoin theme. Of course, the actual bitcoin amount may fluctuate in accordance with its current price.

Kfc canada has revealed that the bitcoin equivalent for the bitcoin bucket is around 20 canadian dollars. Many experts, however, believe that actual payments with bitcoin are not doable.

More specifically, kfc canada feels now is the best time to introduce a bitcoin-related product. Their limited-time offer bitcoin bucket is an interesting creation in this regard. It can even be delivered to ones doorstep in select regions. It is important to note kfc canada currently has no plan to accept bitcoin payments.

Kfc canada has recently boarded the bitcoin hype train with the launch of a new marketing ploy entitled the bitcoin bucket. The new menu item, which can be purchased exclusively with bitcoin, offers canadian kfc consumers the option to convert their crypto directly into fried chicken.

In total, the bitcoin-themed bucket of fried chicken costs just over 27, including the 20 price of the bucket itself, taxes, and shipping fee. Inclusive of bitcoin transaction fees, which are averaging at around 5 on major blockchain wallet platforms like blockchain and trezor, the kfc bitcoin-themed fried chicken bucket costs over 30.

  the bitcoin bucket is only available in canada, according to the drum. Customers pay for the item with bitpay, and kfc is offering delivery to certain areas. 12 but more will become available in the future, according to posts on kfc canadas twitter page.

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Kfc canada bitcoin bucket

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