Kotor romance options

Kotor romance options

The game activates juhanis romance only if your player character is female. As long as your player character is female, even if you romance carth, bastila (if you use mods that allow the female player character to romance bastila, such as the romancing of bastila mod) or even both, you can still romance juhani.

  there are no gender, class or faction restrictions on the romance options in this expansion, but the characters will only be receptive to the players advances if certain actions have or have not.

  in kotor, you get the romance between the two kids of the wealthy families that you intervene in. In kotor2 you get to possibily reunite a wife with her husband. There is the uhm, sick droid thing that can lead to a proper romance between the odd woman and the man near the enclave.

If you did not successfully trigger a romance with koth before this point, instead of those options popping up, your character will say they were hoping to talk, and the dialogue wheel will have three options of koth. And the player will talk to them without any romance options this is also what shows up when you replay the chapter (the romance does not show up in the replay).

  since many players (i used to be one of them as well) have difficulty with triggering juhanis romance, notably the final romance conversation, and i couldnt find a solid and detailed guide for juhanis romance anywhere, recently ive been doing a lot of research and investigation by using kotor tool to examine the game files relating to juhanis conversations as well as kotor savegame editor.

There are no gender, class or faction restrictions on the romance options in this expansion, but the characters will only be receptive to the players advances if certain actions have or have not been taken.

  depends on your characters gender, of course, but there are multiple choices. Do note that if youre expecting a fully developed romance, expect disappointment.

So the romantic feelings between the two characters begin to develop while the two are still travelling together, still relative peers. Once you begin their training the relationship between the characters change from peerpeer to masterapprentice.

  well, if youre really pining away for a lesbian romance in kotor, there is sorta one,.

Visas marr, a sith apprentice who uses the force to see, a possible romantic option for a male exile. (will only join a neutral or light exiles party) canderous ordo, a temporary character.

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Kotor romance options

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