Lucky pokemon trade

Lucky pokemon trade

  a complete list of best pokémon for lucky trades is finally available on the hub! The list covers all gen 1 through gen 5 pokémon you should be spending your lucky trade on.

The hypothesis was that if a pokémons age influences the chance of a lucky trade, then the slope should become steeper as the age of the traded pokémon increased.

If you are lucky enough to have someone willing to trade you this legacy pokemon then this is a solid option.

  if the pokemon had high iv before the trade, its individual value can go down even if it becomes a lucky pokemon. There is a chance for a lucky pokemons iv to go up to 100 after the trade. If youre aiming for a 100 iv lucky pokemon, be sure to trade pokemon with high ivs in the first place.

Niantic has confirmed that the following factors influence the chance to get a lucky pokémon from trading pokémon age older pokémon have a higher chance of triggering a lucky trade your chance to get a lucky pokemon is only influenced by the age of pokemon participating in the trade. Additionally, the game takes into account only the age of the oldest pokémon.

Today we will show you the trade cost chart, where depending on the friend level it costs more or less to trade a pokemon and the lucky trades, what they are and how to be able to achieve luckier trades.

Powering up a lucky pokemon from level 30 to 40 costs the same as powering up an unlucky pokemon from level 20 to 30 (and a lot more candy). This is a non-trivial investment, but its a good choice for players who, for example, need to complete a machamp team for duoing tyranitar.

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Lucky pokemon trade

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Lucky pokemon trade
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