Lyft xl eligible vehicles

Lyft xl eligible vehicles

To qualify for lux black or lux black xl drive in a lyft city where lux black or lux black xl is available. Drive an approved lux black or lux black xl vehicle model 2016 or newer.

There is a full list of vehicles that are eligible for this lyft category.

Lyft xl is very similar to uberxl (in more ways than just the name) when it comes to vehicle requirements.

To qualify for lux black or lux black xl drive in a lyft city where lux black or lux black xl is available. Drive an approved lux black or lux black xl vehicle model 2016 or newer. Youll qualify to receive both lux, lux black, and lux black xl requests if you have a lux black-eligible vehicle that comfortably seats 5 or more passengers.

It is important to note that lyft plus drivers receive requests for both plus and regular rides. Lyft premier is a higher-end lyft service for customers who are willing to pay more to get a ride in a nicer vehicle.

If your bigger car is not the one on your profile, follow these steps to switch your vehicle. If you have a qualifying vehicle, heres how to receive xl rides open the lyft driver app, then tap your profile photo in the top left corner.

  lyft xl vehicle requirements -minivans and suvs -lyft xl caters to 5 or more riders in a group. -the fare for this feature is higher than the regular lyft ride so there is better income. -in the app, drivers for these types can also receive regular ride requests.

For this service you will need to own either a suv or minivan that can accomodate up to 6 passengers. Uber xl rides will yield higher fares than uberx rides but keep in mind that if you sign up to drive for xl you may still get uberx rides as well.

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Lyft xl eligible vehicles

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Lyft xl eligible vehicles

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