Madden 15 career mode tips

Madden 15 career mode tips

Selecting a position for your player is the most important decision youll make in this mode. When playing be a player, youre locked into that player, and can never switch youll leave the rest.

Take over the career of any active nfl player and continue to build his legacy. Draft players, make trades, and control every player on offense and defense as you guide your team to the super bowl.

When playing be a player, you can select to be almost any position on the football field, though its not as simple as just choosing your position and running out to play.

Madden nfl 15 - connected franchise mode - team management guide contact. This guide started off as a bunch of notes scribbled on a notebook for myself, as reminders. So i have compiled most of those thoughts into this document.

Having just reconstructed the connected franchise mode a year ago, ea sports went under the hood to fine tune and improve the mode in madden nfl 15.

  player upgrade glitch in madden 15 franchise mode! Madden connected franchise tutorial - youtube. Player upgrade glitch in madden 15 franchise mode! Madden connected franchise tutorial.

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Madden 15 career mode tips

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