Magura mt4 brake line shortening

Magura mt4 brake line shortening

  the how-to of shortening the tubing of a magura rim brakewww.

  the how-to of shortening the tubing of a magura disc brake of the mt-serieswww.

Shorten the tubinghose of a magura disc brake (mt4, mt2) hc flyer it. Magura custom hymec assembly step by step (part 2) pressure line assembly. Shortening hoses of a magura rim brake hs33 (20052010) changing brake pads of a magura.

  today, in the mechanics corner, james shows us how to cut and trim magura brake lines so you dont have to bleed them after.

Brake type 4-pis ton (mt7, mt5 ) 2-pis 8, mt6, mt4, mt2 ) brake lever carbotecture sl carbotecture reach adjust1 bat2 ratio adjust3 (hc) 1-finger (hc) 2-finger 4-finger ball head brake hose magura disc tube magura (mt 2) rhr4 straight brake calliper 4-piston 2-piston brake pads per brake calliper 4 2.

Guide the small round clip in the centre over the pad retaining screw for safe fixation and perfect piston spacing.

Magura mt4 disc brake equipped with the same braking technology as maguras high-end mt8 brake, the magura mt4 also impresses with its outstanding braking performance and high level of stability. Only in the choice of materials and in small details is the mt4 different from its big sister.

Magura mt4 estop disc brake the mt4 estop relies entirely on the components optimized for e-bikes the brake is based on the properties of the tried-and-test.

Com - to optimize the performance of the hydraulic brakes, it is important that there is no air in the system.

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Magura mt4 brake line shortening

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