Mining litecoin vs ethereum

Mining litecoin vs ethereum

Ethereum vs litecoint - proof of work litecoin and ethereum rely on different algorithms for mining. With litecoin its the scrypt algorithm, which prefers high-speed random-access memory instead of raw computing power.

Ethereum uses the ethash algorithm which can run on its own network, thus avoiding the centralization of mining operations.

As a strict cryptocurrency, litecoin is used almost strictly for transactions. While it can be mined as bitcoin, it is used as digital currency. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, however, it can also be used for smart contracts and crowd sourcing.

One point of comparison between litecoin and ethereum is their mining processes. Mining is the process by which certain crypto networks validate transactions. In the case of litecoin, mining works via a proof of work (pow) system.

Ethereum is a much faster blockchain than both bitcoin and litecoin. Another main difference between eth and ltc is that there is not a capped supply limit of ethereum. Since the ethereum blockchain was designed to be a platform for decentralized application services, the team decided not to cap the supply.

The second point of difference between the two is the way they go about their mining. Since litecoin is a hard fork of the bitcoin protocol, it utilizes the proof-of-work (pow) consensus protocol. The idea of pow is for miners to use their computational power to solve cryptographically hard puzzles.

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Mining litecoin vs ethereum

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Mining litecoin vs ethereum
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