Mt4 change time

Mt4 change time

  unfortunately, you cannot change the gmt offset on mt4 from gmt2, and gmt3 in summer time. Unlike some other trading platforms, mt4s time setting is fixed and it is the same for all online forex brokers which are using the trading platform. Why gmt2? Many traders may want to know why the mt4s time is set to gmt2.

Their local time (with or without dst,) gmtutc, gmt2, ny7. Only with ny7 does the brokers 0000 equals 5pm et and the start of a daily bar is the start of a new fx day. Gmt brokers, means there is a 1 or 2 hour d1h4 bar on sunday (depending on ny dst,) and a short friday bar.

It doesnt really matter what timezone your broker is unless youre trading the 4h chart and above, where different brokers would report different closes, and thus different signals will be given.

The timezone is automatically set to gmt2 and changes to gmt3 during the us daylight savings time. The change of gmt setting occurs to ensure that the mt4 is synchronized with the new york session closing time.

However, it is posting the wrong hour, putting ny an hour ahead and london 3 hours ahead. Playing with dst (daylight savings time) actually makes this even more off.

1 first save the change time frame indicator to your computer. 2 open your mt4 platform and hit the file, then open data folder button as the picture shows below 3 this will open up your mt4s files on your computer.

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Mt4 change time

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