Mt4 ea ordersend error 130

Mt4 ea ordersend error 130

Ordersend error 130 what to do? The expert advisors that work on one broker can stop working on another the problem with them often lies in the ordersend error 130.

The ordersend error 130 appears in metatrader 4 when an expert advisor cant execute a marker order as expected. Also known as the invalid stop (errinvalidstops) in mql jargon, the error 130 happens when the takeprofit and stoploss levels are set to close to the current market price.

  im trying to run several eas on historical data and keep getting ordersend error 130 for both buy and sell orders without any logic.

  in order to prevent error 130 for your buystop order, do this a) get the stoplevel from your broker b) compare the market-price (ask) stoplevel to your calculated buystop-price.

Im trying to insert a takeprofit and stoploss argument in my sendorder () function, but im getting the following error order sent failed with error 130. 0 stoploss normalizedouble ( stoploss, 5 ) set stop loss print ( stoploss, stoploss ) takeprofit .

Hi tomas and mark, i get this error ordersend error 130 during backtesting in mt4.

Errnoresult 1 no error returned, but the result is unknown.

  thanks for your input, i just dont want to bother you guys for such a silly thing.

Com and oanda mt4 platforms, but on both of them i got only ordersend error 130. Of course everybody knows what is this problem about, but i am not so good with coding to fix it. I was wondering if there is somebody who can fix this ea (so it works for real accounts) for me and how much this can cost to me? Thanks in a advance.

So that means there is a problem with the stops you set with the ordersend function. I suggest you set it like that int order ordersend(xauusd,opsell,0. 01,bid,3,bid20point,tp,,0,0,red) so you could use point instead of hard coding it.

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Mt4 ea ordersend error 130

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