Mt4 email setup gmail

Mt4 email setup gmail

  just have to change the settings in hmailserver smtp relayer. If you want emails sent to gmail, use gmail smtp settings smtp server smtp. Com port 465 use ssl if you want emails sent to yahoo, use yahoo smtp settings (not tested, correct me if im wrong) smtp server smtp.

Open your mt4 trading platform and go to tools - options or simply click ctrlo. Now enter the following settings in the email tab the smtp login and the from fields are identical and should reflect the gmail account.

  we have found that the major email providers gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc. Many others have suggested using the free gmx service and we have found that this works well in mt4 and mt5.

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Step by step for making mt4 can use gmail smtp for sending alert.

  thank you for the work and explanation on how to set up a gmail address in mt4. I am very happy to have found this thread and your instruction.

To start setting up of email, the enable must be enabled and the following fields must be filled out smtp server address of the smtp server and port used. The record must be made in the following format server web address port number.

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Mt4 email setup gmail

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Mt4 email setup gmail
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